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Edifici ETSEIB, PG0
Av. Diagonal, 647
Campus Sud - UPC
Phone: +34 934 016 682


Personal information

Place of Birth:



J. Lourdes Campos López
Zacatecas, Mexico

Special Academic Recognition University of Guadalajara, Mexico

Chemical Engineering

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


Research interest
- Molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology.
- Protein-DNA interactions, chromatin remodelling (especially sperm chromatin remodelling).
- DNA remodelling associated proteins: structure and function.

Molecular and Structural Biology. The three-dimensional structure of AT-rich DNA with proteins and drugs.

    Quimica Farmaco-Biologa University of Guadalajara, Mexico (1976)
  • Pharmacy with Degree University of Barcelona, Spain (1981)
  • PhD in Pharmacy “Cum Laude” University of Barcelona, Spain (1984)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Pharmacy UB, Hospital Clinic and Salk Institute,USA.
  • Supervisor-Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) Spain (1993)
  • Special Academic Recognition University of Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Assistant Prof. Plant Physiology. Fac. Pharmacy .UB, 4 years
  • UPC-ETSEIB-EQ Crystalography and x-Ray Laboratory in Charge 10 years
  • Research P.I. 7 years
Professional societies
  • Catalan Soc. of Biology (1977)
  • Spanish Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society (1977)
  • Spanish Biophysical Society (1985)
Recent Publications
J.L. Campos, L. Urpí, T. Sanmartín, C. Gouyette, J.A. Subirana “DNA coiled coils”. Proc. Natl. Acad. of Sci. USA. 102, 3663-3666, (2005)
J.L. Campos, N. Valls, L. Urpí, C. Gouyette, T. Sanmartín, M. Richter, E. Alechaga, A. Santaolalla, R. Baldini, M. Creixell, R. Ciurans,P. Skokan, J. Pous and J.A. Subirana “Overview of the structure of all AT oligonucleotides: organization in helices and packing interactions” Biophysical Journal. 91, 892-903, (2006)
J. Pous, L.Urpi, J.A. Subirana, C. Gouyette, J. Navaza and J.L. Campos “Stabilization by extra-helical thymines of a DNA duplex with Hoogsteen base pairs” J.Am.Chem.Soc.130, 6755-6760, (2008)
J.A. Subirana, M. Creixell, R. Baldini and J.L. Campos “Macroscopic DNA Helices” Biomacromolecules, 9, 6-8, (2008).
H. Millonig, J. Pous, C. Gouyette, J.A. Subirana and J.L. Campos “The interaction of manganese ions with DNA” J. Inorg. Biochem: 103, 876-880, (2009). *T. Moreno, J.Pous, J.A. Subirana and J.L. Campos. “Coiled-coil conformation of a pentamidine–DNA complex” Acta Crystallographica Section D 66, p.251–257 (2010) (cover Selected)
I. Martinez de Ilarduya, D.De Luchi, J. A. Subirana, J.L. Campos, I. Usón. “A Geometric Approach to the Crystallographic Solution of Nonconventional DNA Structures: Helical Superstructures of d(CGATAT)” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 49, 7920 –7922 (2010)
E. Fonfría-Subiros, F. Acosta-Reyes, N. Saperas, J. Pous, J.A. Subirana & J. L. Campos “Crystal Structure of a Complex of DNA with One AT-Hook of HMGA1” PLoS ONE vol.7, Issue 5, p. e37120 (p.1) –e37129(p.5) (2012).

F. J. Acosta-Reyes et al. "In and Out of the minor groove: interaction of an AT-rich DNA with the drug CD27". Acta Cryst., D70, 1614-1621 (2014). (cover selected).